About Us

        The President of Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc. is  James "Mike" Robison, an analytical Chemist with over 35 years experience in the gas analysis and measurement areas.  Mike is well known for his knowledge and understanding of all aspects of petroleum lab testing as well as field measurement and chart integration.  He is qualified to offer consultation to customers who need questions answered in connection with any of these areas.  He can help you solve problems you might be having with your plant and/or field analyses.

        The employees of Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc. understand the importance of accurate analysis as it applies to the industry's volume accounting and other gas quality requirements.  A small inaccuracy in the testing results can cost a petroleum company excessive amounts in profits.  Our testing equipment is calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.

        We provide services to major companies as well as many independents and local companies.  Our customers who have been with us for many years will confirm that we are dependable, accurate, and maintain a 24 hour turn-around time.  We will be happy to provide references if requested.

        We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the services you need at your convenience.  We will come to your office to discuss any service that we may provide and will offer you a custom quotation based on the volume of work and the extent of analysis you require to insure the greatest profits on your product.

        Please feel free to call us with questions you might have regarding any of the above information.  Our phone number is
(903) 825-2136.