Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc.


           Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc. is an analytical laboratory specializing in the accurate analysis of natural gas and natural gas liquid samples.  We are locally owned and provide on-site testing services operated from the Tyler, Texas, vicinity.  We have a reputation for having the most accurate and shortest turn-around time at a very competitive price.

           This laboratory is periodically audited and meets all current GPA and ASTM procedural requirements with the highest degree of accuracy.  Our chromatographic analyses are used for volume accounting and gas quality standards.  Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc. transfers analysis results to our customers in any format they request to allow them to integrate that data into their computer systems with the least amount of effort on their part.

          We also offer engineering flow calculations and theoretical calculations to help our customers in the design and operation of their field plant systems to ensure the most efficient recovery of natural gas liquids.

          Our goal at Gas Analytical Solutions, Inc. is to supply our customers with accurate analytical results in a timely manner so that they can meet gas quality requirements.  Together we will forge a productive future in the great natural gas industry.